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Group Height

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Here is another interesting shot from Carlie's wedding. I don't usually get so close for a group shot, but there was this little slope going down behind the bride and groom and I thought it might be cool to have them at the top of the slope to give a little extra separation from the group. I also raised the camera above my head to shoot this photo to enhance the sloped location.

Camera: Canon 5D & 17-40L at 17mm

Settings: f/11 - 1/100th - ISO500

This really is not a typical wedding shot I would do. When I'm on a location and I see something that I can try something new on I will usually try it. They dont always work out, but in this case I like how the photo turned out.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Kelowna, entire Okanagan & Vancouver Wedding Photography

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