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The Neglected Wedding Blog

This blog has never really got the attention it deserves. I attribute this to a number of factors. 1. Instagram is so much easier. 2. I have another blog that I write more general things on and 3. I started this wedding only blog when I redesigned my website. I did this when I first moved to Kelowna, then not long after I got here Covid hit! So there went all my weddings. I had a lot of people re-book, then eventually even just cancel all together. So with this lack on wedding shooting happening there just was not a whole lot to blog about.

However, just because I'm not out shooting weddings every weekend doesn't mean I can't be blogging about wedding photography. I knew this, but to be honest this type of blogging takes a little more work then "Hey look at this beautiful wedding I shot" type of post. I can always post more portrait photography content and I think that is what I will do. I can also always post things about other weddings I have shot. There are lots of things to blog about and I am going to dedicate some time moving forward to getting this blog going the way it should be. I hope you'll stop by and see what's going on from time to time.

Every blog post needs a picture, so here's a screen shot of my other blog ( that takes up the number one spot in my blogging attention span. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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