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Wedding Portrait In The Alley

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This shot is pretty old, about 10 years or so. This photo still one of my favourites.

Camera: Canon 5D & 17-40mm f4 L & 1 550EX Speedlite

Settings: ISO 200 - f/5.6 - 1/60th at 17mm

I love the location of this photo. It was in a random alley in Lynden, Washington. The thing that attracted me to this location was the old industrial looking door and the exposed brick breaking it's way through the wall. I think the contrast of the beautiful bride and groom with the grimy location makes a wonderful image.

I posed the bride and groom right by the door to have that corner of the photo be almost like it's own frame. I shot wide at 17mm so I could get as much of the exposed brick as I could without taking in more of the scene then I needed too.

I used one bare flash to camera right for this shot. I usually use an umbrella, but for this scene I thought a little more harder light might enhance the over all look of the photo given the location we were in. I think it worked.

If I had shot this photo recently I probably would have edited the photo differently. But to be true to the time I decided just to leave it as is. Photographers go through changes and trends in their work and I am no different. I am always evolving and trying new things and hopefully growing a long the way. I still love this shot as it is, but I can also image it in another way 10 years later.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

PS, another thing I love about this picture is I am still in touch with this bride and her parents to this day. It's always a bonus when you get to build lasting relationships with people.

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