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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Bokeh is the truth! If you are unfamiliar with the term bokeh it is referring to the blurry bits of the background. When it comes to wedding photography or any type of portraiture really, you gotta have some bokeh shots (at least I do). These type of pictures are almost always my favourite. I just love the separation the bokeh gives the subject from the background.

This wedding was at another golf course. As we were on the green shooting I saw this little path between some trees and I knew we had to get in there to shoot some photos. As soon as I walked into the woods I immediately knew some bokeh shots were in order. The light was perfect as we were hidden from direct sunlight and the varying depths of the bushes and trees would provide a good pallet of potential background blur. With the perfect natural light and wonderful nature surroundings we got to shooting and this was definitely one of my favourite shots from that wedding.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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